Monday, 25 July 2011

Where are my shipping boxes 2, the return of cardboardiness

They're here!

Update: Jeremy has posted pics of the new house on his blog.

Boxes arrived today as promised in a massive container at the arranged time! I was late as the truck I was driving got stuck in reverse gear!! Jeremy thought that I had driven over to the house. My name is not Mater and I am not the world's best backwards driver. I managed to fix it somehow.

Anyway, Mr Pickle and I arrived and we set to work pointing in directions for the boxes to be taken. It got to the 3 seated sofa coming off the van and there was much concern about it's size and the fact that it would not go through the two turns needed to get it inside.

Luckily Jeremy chose that minute to come for a nosey. It took four grown men, one step ladder and a wheelie bin but it came through the front of the porch (one story up). Phew. At one point we thought we were going to have the most comfortable deck furniture in the world!

Mr Pickle is very pleased to have his Thomas Trains back, along with his building site and Lego. The beds are built and the mattresses were supposed to arrive today too. I was very excited and measured the holes for the mattresses to fit into as we weren't 100% sure they would. They will and I dug out the bedding in preparation. At lunch time I rang the bed company to get an idea of delivery time. It was a very sorry person on the other end of the line who discovered that there had been a mix up and there would be no delivery to us today. They will be with us in Thursday instead.

Everything made is through quarantine and customs, even the mankey seed pod and pine cone decoration that actually belonged to the Balikpapan house. Jeremy has already installed my hanging chair and my giant pod seat is under the deck waiting for us to move in and choose the perfect place for it in the garden.

Mr Pickle had a fabulous day reacquainting himself with his toys and Spongebob Squarepants on the telly. He is now tuckered out and we have had to return to the apartment to sleep following a very yummy barbecue, cooked by Jeremy, to say thank you to our helpers who ably assisted me while he was beavering away in work.

I wanted to take pictures of the grand moving in but the camera got covered up in the kitchen and never resurfaced. Will try and take some pics tomorrow when it is dug out of the Tupperware land slide!

Tomorrow Mr Pickle and I are heading down to Ikea. Smaland awaits the invasion.

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